Master In Service Plan (MIP)

The AISF Master In-service Plan provides AISF schools with the incredible opportunity to provide their teachers and administrators with in-service points so that they can renew their Florida Professional Teaching Certifications. Teachers no longer need to find outside courses, seminars, or workshops . . . an AISF school can provide all of the required in-service points.

Participating schools (accredited and provisional only) select a staff member as the Campus Coordinator. Points are available through participation in approved workshops, the AISF Annual Leadership Meeting, organized curriculum planning groups, AISF accreditation teams, and other professional activities.  Explanatory materials will be provided to the participating schools.  The Campus Coordinator will collect and tabulate the records for your staff and forward them to the AISF for review and transmittal to the Florida Department of Education where they will be used in the re-certification process.

120 Master In-service Points will complete the 5-year requirement for Professional Certificate renewal (60 points is the equivalent of a 3 college credit course).  Points are based on the number of hours of participation in an AISF approved activity.  Our DOE-approved Master In-service Plan defines certain maximums and distributions.  Members of school evaluation teams can earn 30 points for their participation.

An annual participation charge is paid by a school that wishes to give this benefit to its faculty and administrators: up to 300 student enrollment = $175, enrollment of 301 to 500 = $235, and enrollment of 501 or larger = $305.  Fees are not charged to individuals.  Participation for the twelve-month period begins in August of each year.

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