AISF Dues and Fees

Annual Dues Per Campus Site (Candidates)$285

Application Fee Per Campus Site (Includes Initial Visit)* $385
Inspection Fee Per Campus Site for Provisional Membership, Accredited Membership, or Re-accreditation Visit* $670
Annual Dues Per Campus Site (Accredited and Provisional Members)**
1-300 Students $1,230
301-500 Students $1,405
501+ Students $1,640
Visiting Committee Inspection Fee After a “Major Change”* $220
Interim Visiting Committee Inspection Fee $220
Annual Web Site Maintenance Fee $170
Additional Campus Site Within Same County $50
AISF Co-Accreditation Processing Fee $100
NCPSA Co-Accreditation Processing Fee (Payable to NCPSA) $75
Master In-Service Plan
1-300 Students $175
301-500 Students $235
501+ Students $305
The appellant must submit a non-refundable filing fee along with the written statement of appeal $750
“Appeal Fee”

The appellant must also submit an appeal fee along with the written statement which shall be held by the Association until there is a final disposition of the appeal. The appeal fee shall be returned to the appellant once all expenses related to the appeal have been paid and any account balances have been paid.


Note: Inspection fees must be paid prior to an inspection team visit.


*In accordance with AISF By-Laws, the school being visited shall pay for all travel, mileage, lodging, and meal expenses of the
visiting team members. Inspection fees are to be paid at the time of notification of an upcoming visit. It is recommended that the
school make the travel arrangements for the out-of-area team members after consulting with them. A school should anticipate
providing each committee member with his/her check at the time of the evaluation visit. The school’s evaluation report will be
submitted to the AISF Board of Directors after payment of all expenses and fees.

**Annual dues and fees allow for benefits of membership including maintaining provisional or accredited membership status, receipt
of annual membership certificate for each accredited member school site, formal relationship through AISF to FAANS and NCPSA,
listing in the annual AISF directory, listing on the AISF web site, participation in general business meetings and accreditation
workshops, access to Annual Teaching Conference at reduced Registration rates, eligibility to participate in AISF Florida Teacher
Certification Program, and eligibility to participate in AISF Master In-service Program for teaching certificate renewal.